With the first round of the legislative process coming to a close, and Crossover approaching, I wanted to provide a status update for all of the bills we have been monitoring.

Bills that were voted OUGHT TO PASS
These will crossover to the other side (since they started in the Senate, they will move to the House). However, SB161 will go to Senate Finance first. These are the bills we need to gear up for.

  • SB77, relative to costs of care for animals seized in cruelty cases and prohibiting the future ownership of animals in certain animal cruelty cases
  • SB161, relative to the definition of pet vendor, the transfer of animals, and establishing the position of accounting clerk in the department of agriculture, markets, and food

Bills that were TABLED
We will monitor these, as they can continue to be worked on and taken off the table at anytime. HB688 is likely to be worked on

  • HB249, permitting restaurant owners to allow dogs in restaurants
  • HB688, relative to transfer and inspection of animals

Bills that were voted INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE

These bills are dead for this year.

  • HB282, relative to the authority of fish and game officers to search without a warrant
  • Report Filed ITL HB296, relative to animal waste cleanup in state forests and state parks
  • Report Filed ITL HB442, relative to coyote hunting
  • HB313establishing a study committee on the authority and duties of the board of veterinary medicine
  • HB316, relative to the law governing training permits for the training of bird dogs and trail or tree hounds
  • HB331relative to the duties of a veterinarian
  • HB426, establishing a committee to study allowing town clerks to accept proof of certain exemptions from the rabies vaccine for the purpose of registering dogs
  • Report Filed ITL HB512, relative to dogs on hiking trails in state parks and state forests

Bills that were RETAINED
We will keep an eye on the calendar for work sessions. These bills will come back out with a committee recommendation that will voted on in the first session of 2020. There will be NO public hearing on their final form.

  • HB371adding cats to the definition of commercial kennel
  • HB376, establishing a commission to study best practices for companion animal groomers
  • HB484relative to group dog licenses
  • HB501establishing a cost of care fund to assist municipalities caring for animals during animal cruelty cases

Bills without Reports filed yet

We’re still monitoring these as they complete the process in their committees.

  • HB389, requiring the department of business and economic affairs to prepare materials for businesses relative to service dogs
  • HB513, relative to allowing the use of therapy animals or facility dogs for therapeutic purposes in proceedings involving children or certain other persons
  • HB605, relative to criminal penalties for possession, transfer, or manufacture of animal fighting paraphernalia with the intent to be present at, aiding in, or contributing to such fighting

For the full list of bills and additional information, please access the link below:

2019 Legislation Update #10