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HB484: Feb 5 at 10am, LOB 303

(relative to group dog licenses)

This bill changes Group Licenses to increase by $1 per dog over the initial 5 dogs. $2 of the license fee will continue to go to companion animal  neutering fund, with the remainder going to the town or municipality.


HB296: Feb 5 at 1pm, LOB Room 210-211

(relative to animal waste cleanup in state forests and state parks)

This bill requires any person bringing an animal into a state park or state forest to clean up or remove all solid waste produced by such animal.


HB501: Feb 5 at 1:30pm, LOB Room 303

(establishing a cost of care fund to assist municipalities caring for animals during animal cruelty cases)

This bill would establish a cost of care fund to assist municipalities with caring for animals during animal cruelty cases. Revenue to the fund would be from $0.50 of every dog license fee paid, one-half of the fees collected from registration for distribution of commercial animal feed, and court-ordered restitution for care in animal cruelty cases.


HB688: Feb 7 at 1pm, LOB Room 301-303

(relative to transfer and inspection of animals)

This bill introduces the definition of Hobby Breeder and includes anyone who transfers 1-30 live animals or birds in a 12 month period, requiring inspection (adherence to Ag Part 1704) and registration.


HB512: Feb 12 at 1:30pm, LOB Room 305

(relative to dogs on hiking trails in state parks and state forests)

This bill allows dogs off leash on hiking trails in state parks and state forests.


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2019 Legislation Update #2