Schedule Change
Sorry for all the changes. In trying to give us the most lead time on these bills, we published the schedule as it was shared, but not final. This should be final for hearings with the House Environment & Agriculture Committee (at least for 1/16).
Note: 2 critical bills bumped to first day of hearings. Please let me know your availability and comments.
I have also added DOGS position in red next to each bill.
1/16 in Legislative Office Building 303
10:30 am – HB 1627, creating an animal health certificate database. Support if personal data can be secure
11:30 am – HB 1117, relative to penalties for dog theft and tampering with a dog’s radio collar. Support
12:00 pm – HB 1387, prohibiting the declawing of cats. Oppose
1:30 pm – HB 1683, prohibiting the docking of dog tails and the cropping of dog ears. Oppose
3:15 pm – HB 1389, relative to criminal penalties for not providing adequate food, water, and shelter for animals. Oppose
10:30 am – HB 1388, prohibiting the sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits in retail stores. Oppose
11:30 am – HB 1187, relative to animal shelter facilities. Recommend combining with HB 1448; Amendment to be drafted and shared
3:00 pm – HB 1448, relative to animal health certificates and requiring dogs imported into the state for transfer to be tested for Brucella canis. Support
2:15 pm – HB 1449, defining animal hoarding. Support but needs additional work
1:45 pm – HB 1630, relative to pet vendors. Support


2020 Legislation Update #2