SB 370 – Breeding and Care Requirements
Please note: location of hearing is in the State House, not the LOB

You are encouraged to attend the public hearing – sign in opposing the bill or testify.  We ask that you add Senator Odell to your list of Senators to  write. Choose one or two of the points noted in the DOGS #2 Update/Alert and rewrite it in your own words explaining how the bill would impact you as a responsible breeder, owner, hunter, musher, or etc..  Please copy Yvonne on your emails as well as the response you get from Senators. Yvonne Nanasi, DOGS Legislative Coordinator, is available to review your letter or testimony. Email Yvonne

SB 370 BILL SUMMARY (see lengthy summary in DOGS Update #2)

SB 370 creates new sections in the statutes that seek to restrict dog ownership and breeding, and specify standards of care and treatment regardless of breed, health, or age of the dog.

DOGS has learned that Senator Odell (sponsor of the bill) will be presenting an amendment at the public hearing.  This amendment will remove the 50 dog limit and only allow enforcement by law enforcement officials or those appointed by the Commissioner.

DOGS POSITION – (more information in DOGS Update #2)

DOGS appreciates that Senator Odell recognizes that there are problems with the bill. Nevertheless, the bill’s care requirements are inappropriate for some breeds and the current law is appropriate.

The current state laws and regulations provide appropriate protection. Increasing funding for enforcement would assist in demonstrating that the current laws and regulations are valuable protections. NH has a commercial kennel license which covers any breeder who breeds 10 or more litters or transfers 50 or more puppies.  Breeders on this scale are required to get a license from the Department of Agriculture, meet all the requirements of AGR 1702 which cover everything from food, to sanitation, to the size and construction of pens, to vaccine schedules and to the disposal of hazardous waste, and are inspected twice yearly. If the Department’s care and condition requirements are not met or the cruelty laws, RSA 644:8a, are violated, the Department has the ability to close the kennel down.

Also, please note that even though the bill exempts dogs maintained for certain activities, it would require even those owners of ten or more dogs to prove that the females are not intact or were not breeding. The bill could be an invitation to harass anyone who keeps several dogs.

Sponsor of the Bill:

Senator Bob Odell (r)
State House, Room 302
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

Email: bob.odell @ (remove spaces)

Action Alert Reminder – SB 370 Breeding and Care Requirements