Bill that are still Active

HB 148: Relative to health certificates as evidence of the transfer of dog, cat or ferret. Requiring an annual vet statement for exemption from rabies vaccination.
Status: Passed House with amendment. Awaiting Senate Wildlife Committee recommendation.
DOGS Concerns: The definition of “transfer” needs to be refined in the Senate.  DOGS submitted an amendment at the Senate public hearing. The State Veterinarian agreed with DOGS’ amendments.

HB 247: Changes the law pertaining to complaints filed due to the abuse of domestic animals.  Instead of the state veterinarian being the first contact, the complaint shall be initially filed with the local law enforcement agency, animal control officer, state police, or sheriff, with jurisdiction over where the animal is kept.  At the request of the contacted law enforcement agency, the state veterinarian shall assist in a secondary capacity in enforcing the provisions of law and investigating said complaints. Status: Passed the House and awaiting action in the Senate.

HB345: Allowing physical therapists to practice on animals. Status: House Executive Departments Committee recommended the bill for passage with amendment. The amendment clarifies that a referral must be obtained from the treating veterinarian.

SB 13: Declaring the Chinook the state dog. Status: Passed Senate. House Environment & Agriculture Committee public hearing on 4/16.

SB 19: Relative to governmental immunity from liability lawsuits for municipal dog parks. Status: Passed Senate. Awaiting a recommendation in House Judiciary Committee.

SB 137: Amended in the Senate – changed to a bill that deletes the eligibility of a state resident who has adopted a dog or cat from an animal shelter to participate in the animal population control (spay/neuter) program. Status: Passed the Senate. Public hearing in House Environment & Agriculture Committee scheduled for April 16th at 11am.
DOGS Position: Support the bill as amended.

SB 156: Relative to the commission to study the creation of an animal care worker classification. Status: Passed the Senate. Awaiting action in the House.

Bills Retained in Committee for Study and Action in 2010
HB 630: Prohibits live greyhound racing in NH.  House Local & Regulated Revenues Committee
HB 431: Requiring certain engine coolants to include an aversive agent. House Commerce Committee.

Defeated Bills (Killed)
HB220: Adding a civil forfeiture process to the animal cruelty violations.
HB 278: Increases the penalty from a class A misdemeanor to a class B felony for cruelty to service animals.
HB 337: Requiring temporary vendor permits for certain animal sellers.
HB 427: Requiring licenses for horses.
HB 559: Requiring Fish & Game Advisory Council to have an animal rights’ representative.
HB 59: Requiring employers of employees with service dogs to signs prohibiting other dogs into the establishment.
HB 653: Relative to definition and functions of service animals.
SB 140: Allowing chiropractors to practice on animals.

April 3rd Legislative Update