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2012 NH Legislation Summary Report – July 2012

During the 2012 NH Legislative Session, DOGS earmarked some 20 bills that would impact ownership, breeding, training and working with dogs and other companion animals. The numerous members of DOGS who testified at public hearings and contacted legislators certainly made a difference in how the legislators voted. Also, many legislators became acquainted with DOGS and its members as a valuable information source.

This Session, SB 370 (relative to breeding dogs) and HB 1498 (repealing dog licensing) were the most challenging bills. DOGS call to action resulted in over 50 of our members contacting legislators to express their opposition on each of the bills.  The breeding restriction language in SB 370 taken out of the bill and the final version merely removes outdated language regarding the position of state veterinarian. HB 1498 was killed in the House after the House Municipal & County Committee unanimously recommended it be Inexpedient to Legislate. The efforts of DOGS members were instrumental in the outcome of both bills.

The final dispositions of the major bills that DOGS was involved with are summarized below.

Contact DOGS if your group is interested in a presentation that will include a summary of the 2012 Legislative Session’s deliberations and a preview of the bills being proposed for 2013.

New Laws – Legislation Enacted in 2012

HB 325 – Relative to the transfer of animals from licensed pet vendors. Requires that pets be held for 48 hours at a licensed facility or a veterinary facility before their transfer.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS supported and requested amendments to clarify the operational aspects of the bill. One such amendment allows the transfer of animals with non-contagious diseases if the new owner agrees.
  • Status: Signed into law by the Governor. Effective 8/4/12. Chapter Law 115.  A copy of the final bill is at: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2012/HB0325.html

 HB 1231 – Allowing sale of chicks, ducks & goslings before 4 wks. old. Retains the 4 week requirement for rabbits.

HB 1336 – Allows reciprocity for nonresident US and Canadian training dogs and use of for taking bear.

HB 1362 – Allows the owner of a service animal to opt for a one-time licensing and registration of his or her service animal. Requires the governor’s commission on disability to the permanent registration and licensing for service animals.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS requested several amendments and clarifications in the bill. Including requiring town clerks to be notified for purposes of verifying vaccinations.
  • Status: Signed into law by the Governor. Effective 8/12/12. Chapter Law 211. A copy of the final bill is available at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2012/HB1362.html

SB 370 – Clarifies the powers of the state veterinarian.

  • DOGS Position: As introduced, SB 370 was intended to prohibit puppy mills. DOGS opposed the original version of the bill because current law and regulations provide necessary protections. DOGS has no objection to the enacted version of the bill.
  • Status: Signed into law by the Governor. Effective 6/18/12. Chapter Law 240. A copy of the final bill is available at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2012/SB0370.html

Held for Interim Study

The following bill may be scheduled for committee study meetings during the summer and fall.  Interim Study bills may be introduced in the 2013 session with a new bill number.

HB 1523 – Establishes a procedure for return of property after charges are dismissed or an acquittal.

Defeated Bills – Killed in 2012

HB 225 – Requires return of property confiscated due to a criminal charge within 5 days of the person’s acquittal.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS supported the bill. This bill provided valuable protections for persons whose animals were confiscated and the owner is found not guilty or the charges are dismissed.
  • Status: Passed the House and Senate with different amendments. Killed when the conference committee could not agree.

HJR 22 – A resolution urging manufacturers to add an aversive agent to coolants.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS supported the bill.
  • Status: Killed in the Senate

HB 1339 – Prohibits contracting for limited trapping, hunting or fishing access on private land.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS closely monitored the bill for our sporting and hunting dog members.
  • Status: Killed in the House

HB 1446 – Relative to meat inspection and slaughter facilities.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS monitored the bill.
  • Status: Killed in the House.

HB 1498 – Repealing dog licensing.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS opposed the bill. Repealing dog licensing would threaten public health and cause underfunding of the spay/neuter program and services of the State Veterinarian.
  • Status:  Killed in the House

HB 1724 – Requiring certain coolants to have an aversive agent added.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS supported the bill.
  • Status:  Killed in the House

SB 312 – Requirements for confinement of sows and veal.

  • DOGS Position: DOGS opposed the bill because current animal cruelty laws address these issues.
  • Status: Killed in the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee


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