HB 1639 (Dog Tethering Requirements & Unlawful Taking) – House Criminal Justice Committee Votes.

On February 11th, the House Criminal Justice Committee voted to recommend the bill Inexpedient to Legislative in a 13-2 vote. Rep. Larry Gagne from Manchester made the motion. Representatives McCarthy and Chandley voted against the motion to recommend killing the bill. The bill will likely be voted on by the full House on February 24th.

Many thanks to all who prepared and presented testimony and signed in opposed as well as those who sent letters. The members of this committee are becoming more knowledgeable about animal issues because of your involvement.

HB 1624: placing undue restrictions on dog breeders and owners under the guise of eliminating “puppy mills”. Killed in the House on February 10th.

DOGS is grateful for all the time and thought that members put into making contacts with legislators on this bill. Not only did our position on the bill prevail but the messages helped create a better understanding among legislators about our issues.

SB 365: requires that animal shelters (including dog rescue shelters) cannot sell, give away, adopt, or otherwise transfer ownership of any dog or cat unless it has been sexually sterilized. DOGS requested an amendment to the bill that added essential protections for animals and animal owners such as; an exemption for health reasons and an animal reclaimed by its owner.

STATUS: Passed the Senate with Amendment. DOGS’ requested amendments were incorporated into the bill. A Senate floor amendment was accepted that requested by Sen. Roberge, bill’s sponsor, that provided for an exemption for shelters that can demonstrate that at least 85% of the dogs transferred had been sterilized in the previous year through the voucher system or private means. Next step: public hearing before the House Environment & Agriculture Committee to be announced.

HB 1417: allowing companion dogs in certain areas of restaurants. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Butler, owns an Inn and the new health inspector maintains that the owner’s dogs having access to the dining room is a violation of the state regulations. DOGS is supporting the bill.

STATUS: The House Commerce Committee is recommending the bill for passage. Full House vote scheduled for February 17th.

HB 1525: allowing appropriately trained physical therapists to practice on animals. The bill adds language to the statute passed last year that is agreeable to the therapists and the NH veterinarian’s association. DOGS supports the bill.

STATUS: Passed the House. Next step: Senate public hearing to be scheduled.

HB 1596: changes the time period by 15 days during which dog owners who have failed to license their dogs shall be notified of the civil forfeiture of each unlicensed dog and increases the warrant fee from $5 to $10. The bill was requested by the municipal clerks’ organization. After attending the public hearing, DOGS still didn’t understand why the bill was needed.

STATUS: The House Municipal Committee is recommending the bill be killed (Inexpedient to Legislate). House votes on February 17th.

February 12, 2010 Legislative Update
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