From the N.H. House Calender:

HB 1624-FN, relative to the care and treatment of dogs by breeders within the state. MAJORITY: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE. MINORITY: OUGHT TO PASS.

Rep. Warren J Groen for the Majority of Environment and Agriculture: Although amendments have been introduced to try to make this better legislation, this bill is overreaching and unnecessary with too many unintended consequences. Everyone on the committee abhors the thought of a puppy mill in New Hampshire. This is a very emotional issue for everyone, however, we must reserve the discussion to the facts. There have been only five cited cases of “puppy mills” in New Hampshire over the course of the past ten years. This bill will place undue restrictions on breeders and dog owners alike. The rules that would be applied are very generic and not breed specific, thus, dog owners could be charged with cruelty to their pets. Cruelty laws are already in existence in RSA 644:8, making this legislation unnecessary. Local animal control and law enforcement have the authority to remedy any abuses that may arise. Vote 12-1.

Rep. Susan E Wiley for the Minority of Environment and Agriculture: Given that the existing legislation does not require that dog breeders exercise or socialize their dogs, there is a need to add language to existing statute that would allow for enforcement of minimal acceptable standards for housing and husbandry. The minority felt this bill was a first step

House Calendar on HB 1624
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