HB 1639 (Dog Tethering Requirements & Unlawful Taking) will be voted on by the full House on March 10th.

From the N.H. House Calendar –

HB 1639-FN-L, relative to the tethering of dogs. INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE. Rep. Larry G Gagne for Criminal Justice and Public Safety:  This bill would amend RSA 644:8, III to add, as a separate category of cruelty to animals, the tethering of a dog for more than fourteen cumulative hours in a twenty-four hour period.  It also would contain requirements for a proper tether which the majority felt was unduly intrusive.  We also felt that the current statutes are adequate at this time because this bill, if enacted, would punish all animal owners, including mushers, rather than the occasional animal abuser. Vote 13-2.

Thanks to everyone who wrote letters and emails and to those who came to Concord to testify – you did a good job.

House Calendar on HB 1639
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