2010 Legislation

Bills that have passed

  • HB 1417 – allowing companion dogs in certain areas of restaurants – House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee – Awaiting the Governor’s signature Text
  • HB1525 – relative to physical therapists practicing on animals – House Executive Departments and Administration Committee – Signed by the GovernorText

Defeated Bills

  • HB431 – requiring certain engine coolants and antifreeze to include an aversive agent so that they are rendered unpalatable – Conference Committee unable to agree
  • HB 1354 – relative to dog racing – House Local and Regulated Revenue Committee – DOGS position: Watch
  • HB 1562 – relative to assistance dogs – House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee – DOGS position: Opposed
  • HB 1596 – relative to the civil forfeiture of unlicensed dogs – House Municipal and County Government Committee – DOGS position: Watch
  • HB 1624 – relative to the care and treatment of dogs by breeders within the state – House Environment and Agriculture Committee – DOGS position: Opposed.
  • HB 1639 – relative to the tethering of dogs – House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee – DOGS position: Opposed.
  • SB 365 – requiring the sterilization of animals adopted from shelters – Killed by the House

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