After a vacation week, NH Legislature reconvened this week and took action on several bills as well as scheduled hearings on those that are passing over for consideration by the next body. The action taken on several bills is noted below.

State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Alert

DOGS wants to call your attention to the underfunding of the state veterinary diagnostic lab.  If you have occasion to chat with your state legislators, you will want to mention the concern that underfunding the state veterinary diagnostic lab has public safety ramifications.  The laboratory is a partnership between the state, the public and the University of NH. In fact, 75 cents from every dog license is dedicated to funding the lab. Its diagnostic services serve critical animal and public health needs of the state such as testing animals for rabies. Also, veterinary and livestock businesses and the UNH pre-veterinary program access the facility. The lab is facing a $300,000 annual revenue shortfall caused when the NH Department of Agriculture’s budget was reduced by the legislature. UNH is exploring alternative funding sources but it is doubtful that it will be enough to cover the shortfall. Because this facility serves a public need, the state legislature should restore the funding to the Department of Agriculture.

Legislative Status Report

SB 370: Dog breeding and care requirements. Amended in the Senate to remove the original wording and replace it with wording that clarifies the current powers of law enforcement. The bill as amended in the Senate is intended only to make clear that local law enforcement has the jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute suspected violations
pertaining to the domestic animal abuse statutes.  A copy of the bill as amended by the Senate can be obtained at
DOGS Position: Opposed to the original bill.  Supporting the Senate amended bill to provide for clarification of local law enforcement jurisdiction. DOGS appreciates that this bill was assigned to the House Environment & Agriculture Committee that defeated a bill that mirrored the original language of SB 370 in a previous session.
STATUS:  House Environment & Agriculture Committee public hearing on 3/20 at 11am in Room 303 of the Legislative Office Building.

HB 325: As amended by the House, allows purchasers to accept a sick or injured animal if the transferee has knowledge of the sickness or injury and requires that imported dogs, cats and ferrets be held for 48 hours at a licensed facility before being sold in order to assess health status.
DOGS Position: DOGS believes that the new provisions are an improvement to the current law in order to address the challenges of dogs being imported into NH from other states and countries.
STATUS: Awaiting public hearing in the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. This bill was held over from last year and amended in the House. A copy of the amendment can be obtained at
Please note: At this time, the copy of the bill that is posted on-line is being corrected.

HB 1231: Repeals the prohibition on sale of chicks, ducklings, goslings under 4 weeks old and in quantities of less than 12 to any individual.
DOGS Position: DOGS provided information that repealing the quantity and age requirements may be reasonable for chicks, ducklings and goslings but not for rabbits. The amended bill retains the restriction for rabbits in the statute.
STATUS: Passed the House as amended. Awaiting action in the Senate. A copy of this bill can be obtained on-line at:

HB 1336: Regarding nonresidents use of bear hunting dogs. Non residents from states or Canada which allow the training or taking of bear with dogs, and who do not limit or prohibit NH residents from training or hunting bear with NH dogs, shall be the only nonresidents allowed to bring dogs into New Hampshire to train or take bear.
DOGS Position: DOGS is monitoring the bill and relaying feedback to legislators from our “hunting/sporting” members.
STATUS: Passed the House with amendment and awaiting action in the Senate. A copy of the amended bill can be obtained on-line at:

HB 1339: Prohibits contracting for limited trapping/hunting access on private land.
DOGS Position: DOGS is monitoring the bill.
STATUS: Killed in the House.

HB 1362: As passed by the House, the bill provides an exemption from licensing and registration fees for service dogs and retired armed services dogs.  Requires the Governor’s Commission on Disability to issue and administer service animal permanent registration tags.
DOGS Position: DOGS is seeking input from our members on the new exemption.
STATUS:  Passed the House with amendment (14-0 committee vote). A copy
of the amended bill can be found on-line at

HB 1446: Amending the meat inspection act to prohibit commercial horse slaughter facilities. Since the federal ban was lifted, states are allowed to file applications for equine slaughter facilities.
DOGS Position: Supporting the Department of Agriculture’s position that the bill would contribute to creating a patchwork of differing state regulation when a standardized federal law is more appropriate.
STATUS: Killed in the House.

HJR 22: A House resolution (not embodied in statute) recommending manufacturers to add an aversive agent to engine coolant products to render them unpalatable to animals and children.
DOGS Position: DOGS would rather have this requirement in statute but, during the past three years, those bills have failed. This is an alternative to convey the message.
STATUS: Passed the House.

March 9 Legislative Update
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