I am pleased to announce that Angela Ferrari and Sosanna Folz have agreed to take over the leadership of Dog Owners of the Granite State.  Many of you may know them from the excellent work they did last winter fighting the HSUS bill, sponsored by Sen Bradley. Sosanna and Angela did an exceptionable job against long odds and lots of money to promote HSUS’s national agenda. HSUS had hired an entire high-powered lobbying firm at a cost of more than $20,000.

The sad thing is that HSUS will be back again this year. Rather than trying to reach a real, constructive compromise beneficial for New Hampshire’s dogs and that all sides could agree to, HSUS has spent this summer pushing their bill and blaming the AKC, D.O.G.S., and “New Hampshire’s responsible dog “breeders” for its defeat. They still seem to be equating owning an unspayed bitch to being a commercial breeder. They certainly don’t seem to accept the scientific evidence that says that spaying a bitch increases the chance of cancer, can lead to aggression, and is unnecessary, if the only reason for doing it is so they won’t be bred.

So, please, in the months to come, give your support to Angela and Sosanna. They can be reached at dogs.nh@gmail or through our Facebook page and, remember, when you vote this year, that how candidates stand on animal issues is important.

Welcome to the New Leadership