House Municipal & County Committee recommends HB 1498 (repealing dog licensing) as Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL).
On February 15th, the House will vote on the Municipal & County Committee recommendation of ITL on HB 1498. The committee voted 17-0 to kill the bill.   In its report to the House, the committee cited not only the cost of the bill but the public health and safety problems created by repealing dog licensing.
Many thanks to all who contacted house members, and testified and signed in opposed at the public hearing.  The committee’s 17-0 vote to kill the bill certainly confirms that your concerns were heard loud and clear.

Senate Executive Departments Committee recommends SB 370 (dog breeding requirements) as “ought to pass with amendment”(OTP/A).
On February 15th, the Senate will vote on the Senate Executive Departments Committee’s recommendation to pass SB 370, as amended.  This new amendment removes all the wording in the original bill.  It replaces it by adding a few words to the current powers of law enforcement section (RSA 436:8).  It is intended to make clear that local law enforcement has the jurisdiction to investigate complaints and prosecute suspected violations pertaining to the domestic animal abuse statutes.  A copy of the amendment can be obtained at:

The Committee’s vote of 5-0 to replace the bill with this amendment confirms that our members’ contacts with Senators made a difference. You are encouraged to send a note to the committee members to thank them for hearing your concerns.

Mailing List for Senate Executive Departments & Administration Committee
Senator Sharon Carson, Chairman Email Sen. Carson
Senator Fenton Groen, Vice Chairman Email Sen. Groen
Senator Sylvia Larsen Email Sen. Larsen
Senator Jim Luther Email Sen. Luther
Senator Raymond White Email Sen. White

Senate Kills SB 312 (livestock confinement requirements)
The Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee recommended SB 312 (prohibits the cruel confinement of sows and calves raised for veal) as “Inexpedient to Legislate” in a 5-0 vote. On February 8th, the Senate voted to kill the bill. DOGS opposed the bill as feedback from those who raise livestock indicated that the confinement restrictions were inappropriate.

Your Contact with Legislators Made a Difference
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