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Legislative Alert – February 28, 2013


BRIEF SUMMATION: The “Puppy Uniform Safety & Protection Act” (PUPS) has been
reintroduced in congress for the new legislative session. PUPS is a bill to
amend the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The AWA regulates large-scale
commercial breeders who sell pets at wholesale or research. PUPS would
dramatically change the concept of the AWA as established by Congress. It
would require federal licensing and inspection of the private homes of many
hobby dog breeders. It would vastly expand the power of the federal
government to regulate pets in private homes.

CURRENT STATUS: PUPS has been introduced in both houses of congress. Senate
Bill 395 has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition
& Forestry. House Bill 847 has been assigned to the House Committee on
Agriculture. Neither bill has been scheduled for committee hearing. The
supporters of both bills have been actively gathering additional sponsors.
PUPS is NOT limited to Internet sales as the supporters imply. It applies to
any breeder who reaches the numerical quota who places pets “via any means
of conveyance” which includes talking on the phone or placing an ad in the
classified section of a local newspaper! Supporters of the bill fail to
demonstrate how use of the Internet, telephone, newspaper of other means to
communicate with potential buyers have any inherent relationship with the
welfare of the animals or substandard conditions.


INDIVIDUALS (clubs, rescue groups, etc.) should contact both
your U.S. Senators and your Congressmen to let them know you oppose the
“Puppy Uniform Safety & Protection Act” (PUPS) as it is written. Ask them to
OPPOSE PUPS (Senate Bill 395 or House Resolution 847). Last session PUPS
garnered over 200 co-sponsors and we need to act quickly before it becomes
impossible to stop.CONTACT LIST: To find your two U.S. Senators and your Congressmen to let
them know you oppose PUPS you may use the following links: U. S. Senate: U.S. House of
Representatives: (“Find Your Representative”; is located on the
upper right corner of the web page).

Watch for future updates online. These will be posted on the CFA website Your help is critical.

George Eigenhauser
CFA Legislative Coordinator

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