Upcoming Public Hearings & Legislative Meetings

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Senate Internal Affairs Committee, Room 100 State House

2:05PM:  Public Hearing on HB 1451 – Establishing a NH Canine Veterans Day on March 13th.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Senate Judiciary Committee, Room 100 State House

10:30 AM: Public Hearing on HB 1410 – including pets in domestic protection orders.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, Room 101 LOB

9:30AM: Public Hearing on HB 1636 – allowing reduced spay/neuter fees for families at or below 130% of poverty level.


Neither the Dept. of Agriculture nor the Dept. of Fish & Game wants jurisdiction over wolf hybrid dogs. The House Fish & Game Committee has recommended SB 407 be sent to interim study so that the issue who should be in charge of protecting these pets and the public can be sorted out. Meanwhile, the issue has brought to the surface that the Dept. of Agriculture feels that oversight of domestic pets should not be among its duties. DOGS is pondering what agency, commission, or whatever should be getting the licensing and pet food fees to support this activity? 

Unfortunately, HB 1178 (requiring shelters to provide health certificates) was killed in the Senate – the cost of a health certificate for dogs, cats and ferrets that originate in NH was seen as too burdensome for shelters. at


2014 NH Legislative Status Summary


SB 407: As amended in the Senate; defines and regulates the possession of wolf hybrid dogs. Prohibits anyone from newly acquiring or breeding a wolf hybrid. Requires those currently owned to be spayed/neutered. Gives the Fish & Game Dept. authority to inspect and adopt rules. Repeals the exemption allowing them in the state temporarily for competitive events. 

STATUS: Passed the Senate with amendments. House Fish & Game Committee recommends Interim Study – House votes on 4/23.  A Copy of the bill can be obtained at:

DOGS Position:  The NH statutes already prohibited anyone from newly acquiring a wolf hybrid and requires spay/neutering (RSA466-A:3). The Senate amendment to the current law and the new chapter dedicated to Wolf Hybrids is unnecessary. The Dept. of Agriculture should retain jurisdiction as these are not the kind of “wild” animals that Fish & Game oversees.

HB 1144: As amended, creates a committee to study access to arrest records and case disposition information dissemination. A copy of the bill can be obtained at

STATUS: Passed House. Passed Senate with amendment (removes Senate members on study).  

DOGS Position:  DOGS supports studying the issue of internet harassment that can ensue when someone is charged with a crime, such as animal cruelty, but not convicted. This bill was requested by someone harassed on the internet after an animal cruelty charge.

HB 1178: Removes the animal shelter exemption from the requirements prior to sale/transfer of dogs, cats, ferrets. A copy of the bill can be obtained at

STATUS: Killed in Senate. Passed House (157-145 vote).  

DOGS Position:  Support removing animal shelter exemptions. Animal shelters should comply with the health certificate for sale/transfer.

HB 1261: Increases the fee for notice of civil forfeiture of an unlicensed dog from $5 to $10. Senate amendment changes the fee to the cost of mail delivery of the notice. A copy of the bill can be obtained at

STATUS: Passed House. Passed Senate with Amendment, awaiting House concurrence.

DOGS Position:  Support; the fee increase is reasonable, and reflects a municipality’s cost to send the notice by certified mail.  

HB 1410: Allows animals to be included in domestic protective orders. A copy of the bill can be obtained at

STATUS: Passed House. Senate Judiciary Committee public hearing on 4/29 at 10:30am.

DOGS Position:  Support; including household pets in domestic protective orders may be necessary to protect the owner’s and pet’s safety.

HB 1451: Establishing New Hampshire Canine Veterans’ Day on March 13th. A copy of the bill can be obtained at

STATUS: Passed House. Public hearing in Senate on 4/24.

DOGS Position:  Support.

HB 1568: As amended by the House: Increasing the penalties for “willfully” injuring a service dog to include replacement of the dog, and requires service dogs to meet the minimum training standards for public access as set by the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.  A copy of the bill is at

STATUS: Passed House as amended. Passed Senate with House amendment.  

DOGS Position:  The requirement to leash one’s animal in the proximity of a service dog was removed from the bill and the threshold of culpability for injuring a service dog was changed back to “willingly” (currently in statute).

HB 1579: As amended, the bill allows the traps but increases the fines and penalties. A copy of the bill can be found at

STATUS: Passed House with amendment. Passed Senate with amendment, awaiting House concurrence.

DOGS Position:  DOGS supports the amended version of the bill. The bill is in response to an incident in 2012 when a dog was fatally injured when caught in a conibear trap that was illegally set.  Trapping wild animals is necessary to protect livestock, control infectious diseases and avoid property damage.

HB 1636: Allowing reduced fee spay/neuter for families at or below 130% of the poverty level. A copy of the bill can be found at

STATUS: Passed the House. Senate public hearing on 4/30.

DOGS Position:  DOGS supports.

2014 NH Legislative Update #16