A message from one of our members about  the upcoming hearing the House Environment and Agriculture Committee will hold a hearing on HB1615-FN regulating the transfer of dogs from out of stateWhen: 10 a.m.  Where:  Room 303, the Legislative Office Building.

I sincerely hope there will be people going to support this bill on Tuesday.

While speakers in favor would be nice, including people who know about or have gotten rescued dogs from one of the transporters and had issues with them, even people coming in and just signing the form as being in favor would be great.

Emails of course are also very helpful. I’ve had good luck using the group email address HouseEnvironmentandAgricultureCommittee@leg.state.nh.us but it is always good to also email the clerk Representative Michele Peckham requesting that the committee members get it michele.peckham@leg.state.nh.us

 You can even ask your own Rep to go and sign in in favor!

As I read it, the bill puts controls in place to help manage the people who load a truck or other vehicle with dogs, brings them to NH and delivers them to people at “meet spots” for a nice big fee. These dog transporters are in competition with our local shelters for pet homes and frequently do not provide the vet care the local shelters do nor do they do any of the required local quarantine. When these dogs do not work out in their new homes, they are taken to the local shelter also helps keep them full.

So often we are fighting bad bills and I know that can be tiring. It would be great to get plenty of support for a good one from everyone who can manage to attend the hearing!

 N*** H.

2016 Legislative Update #6
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