Consent Calendar
HB 627relative to exceptions from certain pharmacy requirements for veterinarians. OUGHT TO PASS WITH AMENDMENT. Rep. Gary Merchant for Executive Departments and Administration. This bill, as amended, will allow the NH Board of Pharmacy flexibility to establish rules on compounding based on various national standards such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and federal regulations established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 
Vote 20-0.  
Regular Calendar:
HB 696-FNestablishing a protective order for vulnerable adults. OUGHT TO PASS WITH AMENDMENT.Rep. Lucy Weber for Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs. This bill establishes a procedure to enable vulnerable adults to seek temporary and permanent relief from abuse, exploitation and neglect. The bill is necessary because our criminal statutes do not provide adequate protection for vulnerable adults; by the time abuse, neglect or exploitation can be proven, assets are long gone, or the vulnerable adult has been subjected to unsafe conditions for far too long. In answer to concerns raised at the public hearing, the amendment clarifies that the defendant can be ordered to pay bills for the plaintiff only if the defendant has a legal or fiduciary responsibility to do so, and that the court may only issue orders about possession of animals owned by the plaintiff or owned by the plaintiff jointly with the defendant. The court may not include an animal owned solely by the defendant in its order. Finally, the amendment provides firearms may be removed from the defendant only after a specific judicial finding is made that such removal is necessary for the protection of the vulnerable adult. 
Vote 22-0
2019 Legislation Update #6