Update on Executive Sessions February 26th:
OTP: HB 283, relative to the age rabbits can be transferred;
ITL: HB 313, establishing a study committee on the authority and duties of the board of veterinary medicine;
ITL: HB 331, relative to the duties of a veterinarian;
Retain: HB 371, adding cats to the definition of commercial kennel;
ITL: HB 426, establishing a committee to study allowing town clerks to accept proof of certain exemption from the rabies vaccine for the purpose of registering dogs.

OTP – Ought To Pass
ITL – Inexpedient to Legislate

Note: HB688, relative to transfer and inspection of animals, has inadvertently been sent to House Floor for a vote tomorrow. The goal is that it should be tabled (with potential for ITL). If you get a chance call your Rep today to let them know that this bill should have been retained as it needs a lot of work and they should vote No, or have it tabled.

What’s next?

SB77, relative to costs of care for animals seized in cruelty cases and prohibiting the future ownership of animals in certain cruelty cases, and SB161relative to the definition of pet vendor, were voted 5-0 OTP and will go to the Senate Floor for a vote in less than 2 weeks. Please reach out to your Senator so they understand that these bills add regulation to try to solve a problem that the contents of the bill won’t actually solve, among all the other reasons they concern you.

2019 Legislation Update #8