Initiative to Merge Certain State Agencies

SB132 establishes a commission to develop implementation plans for merging the department of cultural resources, the department of agriculture, markets and food, the department of fish and game, the division of parks and recreation, and the division of forests and lands into a newly established department of natural and cultural resources; and transfers all law enforcement functions of those departments to the department of safety.

The public hearing is  scheduled in House Executive Departments and Administration Committee on April 23rd at 11:00am in room 306 of the Legislative Office Bldg.

This change will affect farmers, discourage growing a safe, local food supply, and anyone who is currently regulated by the Agriculture Department including dog, cat and horse owners will be impacted.
Please contact the members of the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee and ask them to Oppose SB132.

Contact information for members of this committee.
Some talking points to include in your request for them to oppose the bill:

  • Less than 1% of the N.H. budget is devoted to the Department of Agriculture, but….
  • NH Agriculture generates  $935 million in sales and agricultural based tourism revenues and preserves over half a million acres which benefits NH wild life, its sportsmen and animal owners.
  • If agriculture were considered part of the manufacturing sector, it would be N.H.’s second largest industry.
  • The number of farms has increased 24% since 2002 (the highest increase in the nation). Agriculture is a success story and a growing industry
  • If this bill passes, New Hampshire could become one of only 3 states without a real Agriculture Department.

Access to Recreational Trails and Byways – Musher’s Alert!

SB 203: Provides liability immunity for railroads who own, lease occupy or maintain a right of way for designated recreational use.
STATUS: Passed the Senate with amendment. Public hearing scheduled in House Resources Committee on April 30th at 2:30pm in room 305 of the Legislative Office Bldg.

Alerts on newly identified bills – SB 132 and SB 203