The NH legislature has reached the half-way point in the 2010 legislative session. All the bills that originated in the House that have gained approval must be moved to the Senate for consideration and vice-versa.  A handful of the bills that DOGS are concerned about remain active and in need of our advocacy.


SB 365: requires that animal shelters and rescue organizations cannot sell, give away, adopt, or otherwise transfer ownership of any dog or cat unless it has been sexually sterilized. An exemption from the requirement is provided for shelters that can demonstrate that at least 85% of the dogs transferred had been sterilized in the previous year through the voucher system or private means.

DOGS supported the bill which was requested by animal shelter advocates. DOGS requested an amendment, incorporated into the bill, that added essential protections for animals and animal owners such as an exemption for health an animal’s health status and an animal that is reclaimed by its owner.

Further amendments are being prepared for the House Environment Committee public hearing by DOGS. It seems that an over-vigorous animal control officer is requiring cat hobby breeders to obtain state licenses much like animal brokers, pet stores and commercial kennels. Our amendment will make it clear that those who transfer less than 10 litters or 50 kittens in a 12-month period are not required to obtain a state license. STATUS: Passed the Senate with amendments. Next step: public hearing before the House Environment & Agriculture Committee on April 13th at 11am in room 308 of the LOB

HB 1417: allowing companion dogs in certain areas of restaurants at the owners’ discretion. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Butler, owns an Inn and the new health inspector maintains that the owner’s dogs having access to the dining room is a violation of the state regulations. DOGS is supporting the bill. STATUS: The House passed the bill. Next step: Senate Commerce Committee public hearing to be announced.

HB 1525: allowing appropriately trained physical therapists to practice on animals. The bill adds language to the statute passed last year that is agreeable to the therapists and the NH veterinarian’s association. DOGS supports the bill. STATUS: Passed the House. Next step: Senate public hearing to be scheduled.

HB 431: requiring certain engine coolants and antifreeze to include an aversive agent so that they are rendered unpalatable. DOGS supports this bill. STATUS: Passed the House. Next step: A public hearing is scheduled April 8th at 8:35am before the Senate Energy Committee.

April 3, 2010 Legislative Update
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