From the House Calendar – . “This bill takes away a citizen’s right to due process of law, and presumes guilt prior to a hearing. It allows for seizure of an owner’s animals and requires them to post an animal care bond or other security prior to any conviction of animal cruelty. Current law already requires proof of financial accountability for those who have been convicted of cruelty and had their animals lawfully seized. During testimony, the ACLU stated ‘that the poor in New Hampshire who own pets would be far more likely to forfeit their animals given the inability to post bond.’ In addition, the ACLU noted a federal court decision (Louisville Kennel Club, Inc. v. Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Gov’t) stating ‘that mandating permanent forfeiture for failing to timely post a bond, without finding of guilt, has been rejected for violating procedural due process,’ holding that the portion of the law that would permanently deprive a pet owner of his property, absent a finding of guilt, is unconstitutional. Vote 18-0.

The full House vote is on Wednesday.

Please remember to thank the members of of the House Environment and Agriculture committee:

HB624 in the House Calendar
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