2011-H-0041-R title: relative to reciprocity for licensure by the board of veterinary medicine. Sponsors: (Prime) Tara Sad

2011-H-0067-R title: allowing the state veterinarian to employ a meat inspection services administrator. Sponsors: (Prime) Laurie Harding

2011-H-0093-R title: relative to the purchase of ill animals from licensed animal vendors and inspections of animal vendor premises by the state veterinarian. Sponsors: (Prime) Tara Sad

2011-H-0232-R title: relative to certification of dogs for law enforcement work.. Sponsors: (Prime) David Welch

2011-H-0286-R title: establishing a committee to study the penalties for menace, nuisance or vicious dogs. Sponsors: (Prime) Stephen Shurtleff

2011-H-0557-R title: relative to service dogs. Sponsors: (Prime) Donna Schlachman

2011-H-0587-L  title: requiring the registration of persons convicted of animal abuse  Sponsors: (Prime) Lynne Blankenbeker

2011-S-0613-R title: requiring certain engine coolants and antifreeze to include an aversive agent so that they are rendered unpalatable. Sponsors: (Prime) Bob Odell

2011-H-0625-L title: relative to the additional fee for the licensing and restraining of dogs. Sponsors: (Prime) Mary Cooney