Eliminating Plan A from the spay/neuter program
SB 137 had previously been the bill to create an animal friendly license plate to help fund the state’s spay/neuter program.  Senator Roberge recognized that the license plate initiative needed more work and amended the bill on the floor of the senate to delete the license plate initiative.  Now, the new SB 137 eliminates Plan A from the state spay/neuter program thereby providing additional funding for Plan B.  Plan A allows the animal shelters to provide a voucher to reduce the cost of spaying/neutering a dog/cat that is adopted at a shelter.  There are no income criteria for being able to qualify for a Plan A voucher.  SB 137 retains Plan B that provides dog or cat spay/neutering for a nominal co-pay for persons that participate in certain low-income programs.
STATUS: The House Environment and Agriculture Committee voted 10-1 to recommend the bill for passage. A House vote is scheduled for May 6th.

Initiative to Merge Certain State Agencies
SB132 establishes a commission to develop implementation plans for merging the department of cultural resources, the department of agriculture, markets and food, the department of fish and game, the division of parks and recreation, and the division of forests and lands into a newly established department of natural and cultural resources; and transfers all law enforcement functions of those departments to the department of safety.
A copy of the bill is available at: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2009/SB0132.html
STATUS:  House Executive Departments and Administration Committee Subcommittee voted to recommend the bill be “Inexpedient to Legislate” (killed). A full committee vote is scheduled for 9:45am on May 5th in room 306.

May 1st Legislative Update