NEWS IN: The hearing for SB161, the Pet Vendor bill, was just announced and will be heard Thursday morning at 9:30, following SB77, the Senate’s Cost of Care bill at 9am. Then at 1pm is the hearing for HB688. Come join us for a fun filled day at the State Capital!

 SB77: Feb 7 at 9am, SH Room 103(relative to costs of care for animals seized in cruelty cases and prohibiting the future ownership of animals in certain animal cruelty cases)

This bill adds a preliminary hearing within 14 days of the lawful seizure of animals, outlines that cost of care is to provide confiscated animals with humane care and adequate and necessary veterinary services. It also adds language to prevent ownership for varying lengths of time for those convicted of a misdemeanor, among other changes.


SB161: Feb 7 at 9:30am, SH Room 103

(relative to the definition of pet vendor)

This bill removes definition of commercial kennel and defines Pet Vendor as anyone who transfers 20 or more live animals or birds used as household pets (all non-livestock species), in a 12 month period.


HB688: Feb 7 at 1pm, LOB Room 301-303

(relative to transfer and inspection of animals)

This bill introduces the definition of Hobby Breeder and includes anyone who transfers 1-30 live animals or birds (all non-livestock species) in a 12 month period, requiring inspection and registration, with contact information of them and anyone receiving an animal to go into the proposed Animal Transfer Database.


Bill details:,SB77,HB688&txtsessionyear=2019   


2019 Legislation Update #3