We have a number of bills we’re monitoring this session. To get us started I am providing info on the top priority items. There is a brief overview for each, but we all need to look at them in greater detail to uncover additional areas that may be of concern.

HB688: relative to transfer and inspection of animals

This bill introduces the definition of Hobby Breeder and includes anyone who transfers 1-30 live animals or birds in a 12 month period, requiring inspection (adherence to Ag Part 1704) and registration. 

Hearing Tentatively scheduled for Jan. 29 at 4pm. Room TBD.

SB161: relative to the definition of pet vendor

This bill removes definition of commercial kennel and defines Pet Vendor as anyone who transfers 20 or more live animals or birds used as household pets, in a 12 month period.

No hearing scheduled yet.

HB605: relative to criminal penalties for possession, transfer, or manufacture of animal fighting paraphernalia with the intent to be present at, aiding in, or contributing to such fighting

This bill classifies the following items as animal fighting paraphernalia, but it is not limited to:  breaking sticks, cat mills, fighting pits, springpoles, unprescribed veterinary medicine, treatment supplies, gaffs or slashers or heels, or any other sharp implement designed to be attached in place of the natural spur of a cock or game fowl. The intent behind the possession, ownership, purchase, sale, transfer, or manufacturing of these items is presumed to be for animal fighting it is a class B felony.

No hearing scheduled yet.

SB77: relative to costs of care for animals seized in cruelty cases and prohibiting the future ownership of animals in certain animal cruelty cases

This bill adds a preliminary hearing within 14 days of the lawful seizure of animals, outlines that cost of care is to provide confiscated animals with humane care and adequate and necessary veterinary services. It also adds language to prevent ownership for varying lengths of time for those convicted of a misdemeanor, among other changes.

No hearing scheduled yet.

HB501: establishing a cost of care fund to assist municipalities caring for animals during animal cruelty cases

This bill would establish a cost of care fund to assist municipalities with caring for animals during animal cruelty cases.  Revenue to the fund would be from $0.50 of every dog license fee paid, one-half of the fees collected from registration for distribution of commercial animal feed, and court-ordered restitution for care in animal cruelty cases. 

No hearing scheduled yet.

The details for the above bills can be found here: http://gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/Results.aspx?q=1&txtbillnumber=HB688,HB605,SB77,SB161,hb501&txtsessionyear=2019

Other Bills we are monitoring and will provide more detail on at a future date:

HB249: permitting restaurant owners to allow dogs in restaurants

HB282: relative to the authority of fish and game officers to search without a warrant

HB296: relative to animal waste cleanup in state forests and state parks

HB316: relative to the law governing training permits for the training of bird dogs and trail or tree hounds

HB331: relative to the duties of a veterinarian

HB361: relative to property settlement including animals

HB371: adding cats to the definition of commercial kennel

HB376: establishing a commission to study best practices for companion animal groomers

HB389: requiring the department of business and economic affairs to prepare materials for businesses relative to service dogs

HB426: establishing a committee to study allowing town clerks to accept proof of certain exemptions from the rabies vaccine for the purpose of registering dogs

HB442: relative to coyote hunting

HB484: relative to group dog licenses

HB512: relative to dogs on hiking trails in state parks and state forests

HB513: relative to allowing the use of therapy animals or facility dogs for therapeutic purposes in proceedings involving children or certain other persons

HB696: establishing a protective order for vulnerable adults

Full list here: http://gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/Results.aspx?q=1&txtbillnumber=HB484,HB501,HB512,HB513,HB282,HB316,HB361,HB249,HB371,HB376,HB389,HB426,HB442,HB331,HB688,HB296,HB605,SB77,HB696,SB161&txtsessionyear=2019

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